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Looking for Hindi astrology classes to become an expert astrologer? Then your door of opportunity is right here.

Astro Arun Pandit Ji is a renowned astrologer in India. He has been known for his expert consultations with 8+ years of experience in the “study of patterns and relationships of planets”. He has taught more than 1000+ students from all over the world. Do you have the wither to join this course?

₹397 Only

Basic to Advance

Detailed Lessons

100% Satisfaction

What you will learn?





What’s in it for you?

We take care of our students and provide them with the best material of 10-Lessons with detailed information. The course will involve:

In this, you will learn the professional level of Kundali reading and how to prepare it. The detailed study of positions of the Moon, Sun, planets along with the astrological aspects.

In this, you will learn all the factors and important points to consider while maintaining and studying a Kundali.

In this, you will learn how to overcome wealth problems, marriage problems, or business-related problems, and other aspects.

In this, you will learn about each planet and its characteristics and how it can affect one’s life, and how to bring good blessings of stars.

In this, you will learn how to determine Lagnesh, Ishtdev, and Bhagyesh from the horoscope and ways to make it better.

Understand the potential planets to use for the betterment and how to get rid of the wrath of enemy planets.

Know about the “Grahon Ki Drishti” or planetary vision of each planet and how it can be beneficial for you in fulfilling your dreams.

In this, learn about Mahadhasha of your horoscope and learn good fortune Mantras for the betterment of the future

In this, you will understand which problem is associated with you and the remedies to solve each of it.

In this, you will know about the effect of Rudraksha and how to use them for good fortune and get the blessings of your stars.

Student Reviews

The course is really amazing with all the little details provided. I can ensure that after completing this course, I had become a professional astrologer. Arun Pandit Ji, has helped me in understanding any doubt I had during the course. I love the details of each lesson.

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Okay, so I have opted for this course few months back and I can say that this is the best course I have ever got. In the past, I had tried all the courses but this is one of the best so far. I used to spend hours on YouTube to learn about astrology but none of it could help. I am thankful and blessed to have been taught and guided by Astro Arun Pandit Ji. He is friendly and really experienced in what he does. Thank you so much for making this course at a very reasonable cost.

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Neha Rani

The course is divided into 10 lessons. Each lessons have its topics and you will learn everything from the basic. If you are a newbie, this is right course for you. You become really well-versed by the end of the course. I was overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge is shared in this course. Each topic is covered so beautifully that you will not have any doubts left. Thank you Arun Pandit Ji for this course.

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Dilip Dev

I am here to give this a course a 5 star. It has everything one can ask for it. I had been struggling quiet a long time in developing my astrology skills but none of the courses bought me such immense learnings like this course. Arun Pandit Ji has clearly taught everything so well from basic to advanced level. He also identifies all the doubts one student can get, which is the best part. If you are someone, who doesn’t speak in class much like me then this course is a right choice as he himself will understand and clarify all your doubts. Thank you for making this course.

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Firstly, the course is full of information and detailed points. The course is reasonable too. I had my doubts before coming for this course. But Arun Pandit Ji definitely makes it easier for you to understand everything. He is really friendly and you can ask him anything at any time.

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Some FAQs

Yes, you can learn this course as everything is taught from the scratch irrespective of you being a professional or a beginner. You just need to be sincere and true to your words. With full determination, you can learn this course easily.

Yes, the course will be in in Hindi language, making it easier for everyone to understand. You can understand the course easily.

The course starts from the fundamentals of astrology and progresses with time to advanced concepts. By following each lesson, you would be able to start learning and become professional by the end of the course.

Yes, after the completion of the course you will be provided with the advanced level certificate making it eligible for you to become a professional astrologer

The course is complete in itself. However, if you want to take up any other course, you can contact us for further learnings and details.

Our students get a full time access to our course material.